Friday, March 30, 2012

Studio Party

They found my missing foster notebook at the Humane Society today. I was so shocked. I've been missing it for over a year. I was really overcome, since it was like finding all my lost kittens. I bought into the lottery pool, I'll let you know if I'm a millionaire.

After work, Mark and I headed to a first year anniversary Photo Studio party. They had some stations set up for photographing models and a motorcycle. And they had dancers as well. It was a day for shoes for me. Here are my pictures.
Dancing Feet on 365 Project
Pop Art Pumps on 365 Project

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  1. Hi, thanks for your comment about the Venado Caves. I tried to reply back to your comment through email but it wouldn't go through so I hope you get this!

    To be honest I am not sure if the spiders were everywhere. Our guide made us hold the one and I saw maybe 2 or 3 others but it wasn't like they were all over. Also, I think after seeing the one I was tricking myself into thinking they were all around me but in reality they were probably not. I didn't mind the bats so much in the big open caves but there were some tighter spots where I felt like they were right overhead. Our guide also took us in a lot farther than he said a lot of other guides do since we were a small party and we were the first trip of the day.

    I hope if you are going to Costa Rica you have a great trip! It was a beautiful country.