Friday, February 17, 2012

And the Oscar Goes to ...

It was a full day from beginning to end. I went to my first day of National Disaster Animal Response Team Training (NDART).

After that Mark and I went out with friends, Chuck and Jano, to a screening of the Oscar nominated short films (10 animated/10 regular). We placed a $10 wager on who will win the academy award for the non-animated short (we all agreed on the animated film so that was no fun). Here is our voting, may the best film expert win.

Jano - Raju
Chuck - Tuba Atlantic
Mark - Pentecost
Judy - Time Freak

I know Mark and I probably won't win since the academy doesn't seem to like comedies, but the comedies were so funny.

We had a great dinner at Roast. The fried brussels sprouts were amazing and I don't even like brussels sprouts. And I did not know until right now that you put a "s" on the end of brussels. I think we got home by 1am.

My night shots on my p/s camera were junk. Luckily I pulled out the camera before class and took this out the dining room window. I still don't know what caused Lucy to be so transfixed.Waiting on 365 Project

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