Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Date in History: Red Wings are the first NHL team to win 21 home games in a row. Go Wings!

That was the most exciting part of the day today. Besides that: Alana stayed home sick, Kevin has a cavity, Mark and I worked out at the Summit, and for Valentine's day Mark says I have him. That's okay, I will just go lens shopping for my own gift.

Speaking of lenses, I put my 85mm prime on my camera for the first time in a while. It takes nice portrait shots and can handle low light pretty well. I liked this shot of Ollie.
Ollie on 365 Project

I took a picture when we were leaving the Summit. The high ISO left it pretty noisy, even after I cleaned it up. But I like how you can see the details inside the pool area.
Valentine's Date on 365 Project

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