Monday, February 15, 2010

Feb. 15 (Day 46) - Mountain Fun

We had a great first day on the mountain, even though I didn't ski that many runs.  We skied and found Schaffer's Camp, where we can go for hot chocolate and lunch.  You take off your boots and they have slippers waiting.  Here are some great shots of the day from everyone's cameras.

Lori on East Ridge with the beautiful view of Lake Tahoe.

After our free hot chocolate it was lunch time and the teens got kicked out of the bar.  They had to wait for our patio table while we stayed in the bar.  They weren't too pleased about it.

Lunch on the deck was great and offered some great mountain views. Here's Meghan and Shannon.

Mark and the kids waiting for lunch.

The guys took us out for a late Valentine's dinner at the Ritz Carlton.  The gnocchi with butternut squash was to die for.  I thought the bar was just so pretty.

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  1. That pic of the kids glaring through the window is priceless!!!