Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Feb. 3 (Day 34) - And they wonder why ...

nobody likes to go to the dentist.

I got my first filing (ever) today.  It wasn't too bad but the dentist's room could use a little redecorating.  

First you had the teddy bear family hovering up at the ceiling.

Next are the lovely teeth photos.  Aren't mine pretty!
Then there's the big looming light that's blinding you half the time.

And last but not least.  The freaky Kermit frogs laughing at me from the corner.  I mean really, what's up with that?  Why don't they just get a big scary clown and hang it from the ceiling.  Then all the kids can have nightmares.

The rest of the day went well.  Mostly just the usual.  However, Mark did take me out for a nice dinner while Alana was at volleyball.  We found a place we'd never heard of called Mediterrano in Ann Arbor.  Not a bad 43 birthday!


  1. HAHAHAHAHA, oh man, this post is cracking me up! I love your pictures AND your captions, GREAT choice of something from everyday life to chronicle!

  2. eek i HATE the dentist, i always get really nervous and start sweating. i went into one just for a consultation one time and the dentist looked at me and said "we aren't doing anything today, just a consultation, so go ahead and relax your shoulders" haha!

  3. LOVE that you took your camera to the dentist and snapped these pics!!