Thursday, February 4, 2010

Feb. 4 (Day 35) - Just another Day

Today was really just a boring day.  I think I need to get out of the house.  I'm having that Michigan winter depression set in.  February is always the worst.

All I accomplished today was cleaning the smelly cat room/office and I made progress on getting all the kittens to eat a little canned food with their formula.  I spent twenty minutes outside shoveling a little snow just to get some fresh air.

The highlight of my day was just looking out my kitchen window.  Strudel the possum stopped back, but he quickly took off when he heard me open the kitchen door.  I guess he won't be a good playmate for Ollie.

I also had another visitor slink through the yard.  I think this is a feral cat. We see it from time to time. I should have grabbed my camera the first time I saw it because on the way back it was carrying a field mouse.

Here's the best I can do with zooming and extra sharpening.  A longer lens would have been nice.


  1. we never get any stray animals around here =( well i take that back. We have a sewer drain in the street in front of our house that raccoons always come out of, but I'll be damned if i get anywhere near those mean things! lol. That feral kitty sure has pretty markings though.

  2. Wow Judy, you have a pretty good variety of animals coming around your house. Looks like you back up to a wooded area though.
    I'm with Tanya, we just get raccoons looking for food. Oh, and ducks/geese :)

  3. Hi, Maybe you should adopt this one next. I'm sure he is just looking for a good home and Sugar will be so excited.