Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Feb. 2 (Day 33) - I buy the best birthday gifts :)

It was a pretty great day today.  I got my early birthday present to myself.  A new Canon 7d with one lens. This was to replace the Canon 20D that got stolen at a soccer game about three years ago.  So today I will be posting a lot of pictures with my new toy.  The highlight of the day was the possum that came to visit. The last time one came around, the girls named it Strudel and that's what we now call all possums.

So here are some pictures with the 7D.  I'm just on full auto right now until I relearn how to use a real camera.
Strudel was not a huge fan of Ollie's;
especially not after he raced out and ran over it causing a double Strudel somersault.

Cassie holding Lily or Lilac.  I think it's Lily, since I don't see any black lipliner.

Ollie's food bowls are always the kitten playground.  This is Cow Pie, but we really need something cuter before he gets put up for adoption.  Any good boy cow-type names, anyone?

This is my favorite photo of the day.  I even like how his eye is slightly out of focus.


  1. Oh, I LOVE buying myself gifts Judy - never any question that you get what ya want!!! Great pics btw!!

  2. ooh i am loving the new camera!! and that picture of the kitten in the bowl is so adorable =)