Sunday, February 21, 2010

Feb. 21 (Day 2) - Too Pooped to Paparazzi

We left Tahoe early in the morning.  There was just an inch or two of fresh snow, but as we headed down the mountains into Reno, they had received a foot of snow overnight.  We arrived pretty late but the plane was delayed as well so it wasn't a big deal.  We thought we might miss our connection in Chicago but it was delayed a few hours too, so it all worked out okay.  We arrived home safely around 9pm. It was a long day.

There is no picture today, I guess i was just too pooped to play paparazzi.

On a side note I have to tell a funny mars/venus story:  The night before we decided when we would need to leave.  I heard 6:30am, but I guess that was the absolute latest we should leave.  We got up and the kids and I were ready and just grabbing a snack at about 6:20am when Mark started grumping at us to get moving.  I said we were fine, that we were getting in the car at 6:25 so we'd be on time.  I was informed that might make us late, 6:30am was the drop dead time.  Silly boy, don't tell me the time you don't want me to be ready. Instead, tell me you want me ready because I am an on-time kind of person.  Our wheels hit the pavement at 6:29am, right "not-on" time.

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