Friday, February 19, 2010

Feb. 19 (Day 50) - Shoeing and Boarding

Feb. 19 (Day 50) - Shoeing and Boarding
Today was our non-ski day for the trip, although Alana and Kevin decided to take an all day snowboarding lesson.  The rest of us decided to go snowshoeing and geocaching on the mountain, but somehow we forgot the geocaching once we started up the mountain.  It's days like these that I defintiely cannot just pick one picture.  The pictures themselves tell the story.  So enjoy.

It was a great trip.  I really enjoyed seeing the mountain at a slower pace even though it was quite a lot of exercise.  Everyone really took to it quite well.

We stopped for hot chocolate at the old caboose at the secluded reservoir.

We learned a little about biathlon from a former US Olympian.  Shannon got down and scoped out the targets for us.

And in true Olympic form, we witnessed the agony of defeat.  Running in snow shoes in not highly recommended.  Unless of course you're tying to cool off a little.

Meanwhile on the other side of the mountain, Alana and Kevin had a great day at the Burton Academy. They were excited right from the start.

The had great instructors that got them started at the flats by the academy.

But by the end of the day were heading up the chair lifts to hit the slopes.

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  1. Awesome pics Judy! I can't believe all those people in short sleeves - you would think all that snow would be SUPER cold, but what do I know? I'm just a southern girl - we think 30 is FREEZING!!!