Sunday, April 11, 2010

Apr. 11 (Day 101) - No Free Tickets for Us

We headed home today.  I was all ready to get booted off our flight and get some free plane tickets.  I knew they were overbooked because we couldn't even get seat assignments for the girls and I.  Sure enough, they were offering $600 vouchers for anyone willing to stay behind.  But nobody was willing to do it.  Especially once they found out that we were upgraded to First Class for the second flight of our trip.  I don't know why it happened since we didn't pay for it or have any sort of special tickets.

None of the teens had ever had ever flown first class and there was no way they were gonna miss that.  Here's Paul and Kevin in First Class.  They watched movies and played games on the little TVs in the headrest in front of them.
Poor Alana!  She fell asleep and didn't find out you could use the little TVs until we landed in Detroit.  She says we now have to fly her first class again.  Sure, babe, we'll get right on it. :)

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