Monday, April 19, 2010

Apr. 19 (Day 109) - What was I thinking

When an email came out last Thursday asking if someone would host the Track team dinner, I said that I would do it.  I was told to expect 45 girls and I would be supplies all the food.  Umm, ok.  Do they not realized what a production that is.  I had one mom agree to make a bowl of salad to help.

I actually didn't even start shopping until noon.  A bunch of Gorton's trays of pasta, garlic bread from the Picnic basket, and  a big cake did the trick.  I was so proud that I didn't stress myself out like usual.  But I was lucky that less than 30 girls showed up, because man those girls can eat.  I had part of a tray of lasagna left an that was it.

Here's everyone singing Happy Birthday to Grecia.  Sorry, but I don't really want to post all their faces since I don't know their families. :)

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