Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Apr. 20 (Day 110) - Let's Take Aim

Mark and I attended another YPO event.  Last minute for me because the carpool situation worked out at the end.  It was on self protection and guns.  We went to a presentation where they talked about the new gun legislation and how to get a concealed weapons permit.  They had a police office show ways you can defend yourself is somebody has a gun.  And then they had a demonstration with a trained protection dog.  We then got to shoot different guns in the gun range.

Here is Olga, she takes all her command in German.  She gets loaned out to the police but she does belong to a family and she plays with their kids and other pets.

Here is the target where I was shooting.  I think the head shots were all mine. Yikes!

Mark shooting an AK-16, I think.  He like it because it had a sight on it.

Mark with a revolver.  I really like this picture.

I only shot about 8 rounds off on one gun.  I was that comfortable and didn't realize until I tried to fill out our event evaluation that I was still shaking a half hour later.  It was scary that they had all those people in the same room with guns when they didn't know what they were doing.  But, it was a really good event and I'm glad that I went.

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