Friday, April 9, 2010

Apr. 9 (Day 99) - Sea Kayaks Do Over

So we decided we'd get up really early to get out on the first sea kayaks at 8am.   But of course we woke up and it was raining with some thundershowers.  We decided to let the teens sleep a little extra and when it looked like the storms were going to pass we headed out.  We timed it perfectly so that after the 40 minute drive to Sanibel it was just cloudy when we arrived and nobody was at the kayak place yet.

We all paired up since Laura stayed behind because her ankles were still so swollen.   There was Paul and Kevin, of course.

And surprisingly Alana and Cassie chose to go out together.  And they headed straight out paddling perfectly in unison.  Go figure!
Mark and I were together, but I didn't take our picture.  And lastly, Sarah and Allie.

They had a little route through the mangrove that was really neat but pretty narrow in places.  We were either cracking up or bickering over how to paddle together.  It was all pretty fun.  Quit a few kayaks ran into the trees or each other.  And I have to say it was the first time I've ever heard Paul and Kevin argue. Even that was making me laugh.

There were tons of birds.  The two best things we saw was this baby bird, whose mother was trying to get it to fly.

and the heron that was fishing.  It would jump around in circles and then stab down at the fish.  I was filming it but stopped right before it caught it's fish.  Ugh!  Luckily Sarah caught it on her camera.

We headed back out of the mangrove just as a whole tour was heading in.  It was pretty funny trying to navigate around them in the narrow parts.  And it was funny to hear them all arguing as they went by.

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