Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May 10th (Day 130) - The Croc Cot

I told you Scotch slept in strange places.  This is where Cassie found him this morning.  It's the all new Croc cot.  He even slept while he was carried around and I took his picture.
And here's another view.

Cassie took her AP Biology exam today.  She said it was much harder than all the practice exams but she thinks she still passed.

Besides that Kevin had his first rec baseball game.  They haven't had a practice and he hasn't played in 4 years.  Most of the other boys play for the school so they were able to win.  Kevin struck out but said he had fun.


  1. Sooo flippin' cute Judy!!!

  2. i have those crocs too!! and this is the cutest picture ever of my kitty! (yes, i am referring to him as mine now). look how cute he is with his buried little face! i can't stand it.