Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May 8th (Day 128) - Soccer Blowout

Kevin's team didn't fair very well.  It was 36 degrees and snow flurries.  I don't think they were quite prepared or dressed for it.  It was 3-0 at half time and 12-0 by the end of the game.  Ouch.  They then had to drive a few hours and play again.  They lost 8-1.  I'm sure they were glad when it was time to come home.  Not a very good day for the soccer team.

At home it was just Cassie and I.  I took the kitten crew in for shots and then back at home I spent the day taking pictures and digiscrapping.  Here is Cassie with Scotch.  He's such a little lover.  And check out Cassies hair, she got it re-dyed black underneath last night.  It looks pretty good, but blends in with her t-shirt.


  1. Seriously? 36 degrees with flurries in May?!?!? We've already hit 97 degrees with 100% humidity!!!

  2. aww! Cassie and Scotch look like they were meant to be together! so adorable, love her hair too!