Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May 12th (Day 132) - What a Day!

I guess I'll start at the very beginning.  The day began like it has for the last week or so.  With this little bird hitting out window.  He likes the perch on the brick ledge and continually fly into or flap his wings against the window.  Starting at 6:00am.  He does it on and off all day long.  I might have to go buy a gun.

Cassie had the last of her AP exams.  I'm sure she's glad it's done.  And she'll finally be able to start participating at track again.  Her coach is understandably upset with her, but her studies just have to come first.

This afternoon Mark's mom fell going into the hair salon.  She called someone at Mark's work to go help her when she got back to the house, but they were at least smart enough to let Mark know what was going on.  He went to meet her and she was really hurting, so he took her straight to urgent care.  She was transferred to the hospital where they found out she had a broken hip and she'll have to stay for a hip replacement.  Mark didn't get home until 1:30am.   This was really such a bummer since she was leaving for a trip tomorrow to see her friend in Georgia.

On the home front, I went to PetsMart to pick up some things while Cassie was cleaning cat cages.  I then ran around between Volleyball and Baseball, since I could never get ahold of Cassie to ask for her help.  She can seriously drive me crazy but she does a great job at her volunteer job.

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