Thursday, May 27, 2010

May 20th (Day 140) - Way too much going on!

I returned J.J. and Panda Bear and wished them luck in finding their new homes.   Then I  headed to my rescheduled doctor's appointment.  I got an x-ray of my foot to see if they could figure what was wrong.

Mark got home way late because there was so much to do to help his mom.  He showered and rushed off to work for a few hours so he could get back to her house.

Kevin was sick but when I called school to tell them I found out there were lots of things they were waiting on from me.  I hate when I mess up.  I got it all done, even finding pictures of Kevin for the graduation party.  Since the scanner isn't working I had to take pictures and Photoshop them.  Here is Kevin as a baby.  I felt bad for him today because he was sick and I was basically MIA between the doctor's and helping out at Mark's Mom's house.

A highlight today was finding Scotch on top of the encyclopedias sleeping today.  Reminds me of trying to learn by osmosis in college.

Mark found out today that the home care nurse they set up only takes care of checking her health and medications once a week.  That was not what we were expecting.  So he set up a meeting with another company that provides home care.  Bobbie was not thrilled.  Luckily they met with the company that night and everyone is feeling a little more comfortable.  Women will come in from 8pm to 8am each night and be able to help her get up in the morning.  So after tonight Mark will get to sleep in his own bed again.  

Cassie and I picked up her car today too.  It will be a big help to have another driver again.  I also drove to volleyball.  I really don't think we can keep up this pace much longer.  

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