Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May 14th (Day 134) - Surgery and off to Grand Rapids

I started off the day trying to find my family at the hospital.  I started at Bobbie's original room and after a lot of misdirection found out there was a waiting room on the second floor for family.  I just missed her before she headed in for surgery but was waiting for Mark and his sister Kim, when they came back out from seeing her.  Mark headed off for work and Kim and I spent time together waiting.  They buzzed us when surgery was over.  They put us in this very small room to wait for the doctor.  Kim said other doctors had gone out into the waiting room so we got a little freaked out.  But the doctor was just filling out his paperwork.  

I wasn't able to stay long enough to see her.  I headed home and packed so Alana and I could head to Grand Rapids for her volleyball tournament.  We stopped on the way there and bought a cute little coach wristlet for Erica for her birthday.  It was on clearance and with the 20% off coupon they handed us at the door, it was in Alana's budget.

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