Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May 5th (Day 125) - 8th Grade Trip & AP Exams

Kevin left at 5:00am for his 8th grade trip to Chicago.  They go for a quick two days so he'll be back at 11:30pm tomorrow night.  They go on two coach busses.  Alana went 2 years ago and says the bus ride is almost the best part of the trip.  Go figure.

Cassie had her first AP exam.  It was English or Composition.  She thinks it went well.

Bobbie stopped by today to bring some chocolate covered strawberries that Mary had sent her for her birthday.  They were huge and oh so pretty.  That didn't stop Cassie and I from digging in and eating a few.  They were so good!

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  1. those look soo yummy!! i LOVE chocolate covered strawberries and those ones are soo pretty!