Thursday, May 27, 2010

May 16th (Day 136) - Not so Good

Yesterday between matches, one of the other parents, Kelly, and I went to the nail salon at Meijer's and I got my first pedicure ever.  I thought I should take a picture.

Volleyball did not go so well.  We lost all our matches today.  It was really disappointing.  I think they got our hopes up since they performed better than expected yesterday.  I didn't take many pictures but did get one of Alana and her coach, Kenny.  Too bad she closed her eyes.  We are really lucky to have Kenny.  He is a really nice guy, a good coach, and Alana likes him a lot.

Calling home we found out Cassie's car got broken into on our driveway at 3am.  Mark had to get up and call the police.  They came out but had to go break up a party and come back at 5am again.  Poor guy, he just cannot get a decent night's sleep.

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