Thursday, May 27, 2010

May 21st (Day 141) - It's a Blur but I know we won

Everything is starting to blur together since I haven't been sleeping well.  I went to Bobbie's for a while even though Kevin was home again.  I came home after stopping at the drug store for her and picking up pizza.  I had to feed everyone and get Kevin to his soccer game.  Luckily he only has a cold because he really needs to play at least a little.

We were under lightning delay when I got to the fields at 6:30pm.  I was determined to get this game in since the other team drove 2 hours on a Friday night to play it.  We were able to start a little late and make it through the first half before there was more lighting. The weather was horrid and it keep raining really hard on and off.  We decided to wait it out and luckily we did.  We were able to play the whole game.  I swear I saw lightning a few more times even though the detection system didn't sound. We won are first game of the season 3-1 and Kevin scored one goal and crossed one that the other team scored on themselves.  Not too bad for a sick kid.

I don't think I took any picture today, but these were on my camera.  Sometimes little elves seem to do my work for me.  Here is Cassie making Turtle do "the curl".  Don't worry, the vet says this makes them better cats when they grow up.

And here is Scotch in another new sleeping spot.  I guess he wants to be Ollie's next meal.

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  1. Oh my goodness...How cute!! Those kittens are adorable!