Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mar. 10 (Day 69) - Oh no, my Toe!

My toe woke me up early in the morning because it was hurting when I slept on my stomach.  When I woke up it was showing some bruising.  It hurts if I try to push it down (e.g. stepping on the gas pedal) but besides that it really looks worse than it feels.  By tonight though, it really wasn't looking too pretty.  Luckily it's not flip flop season.

I took Alana and her friend Morgan to breakfast before their late start today.  After school, the girls came home and Cassie helped Alana with her geometry.  They were actually really nice to each other.  But don't worry, they were warring over the furnace temperature before the night was over.


  1. omgosh your poor toe! I had all my toes look like that once - I got tangled up in the blanket lol
    At least you're not here in AZ - I've been wearing flip flops for almost a month now lol

  2. Oh my gosh that DOES look awful! I am glad it doesn't feel that bad!

  3. Oh goodness! You stubbed it good!! Hope it is feeling better now!