Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mar. 11 (Day 70) - Inspiration

Today was the spring family event for Mark's professional organization, YPO.  He was the chairperson for the event, so everyone but Alana (who had volleyball) attended.  They arranged for a former prison gang leader, Andre , to come and speak with the teenagers and adults.  He talked about his life experiences and how he turned his life around.  After 10 years in prison, he returned to school, got a degree, and has his own company.  He's given lectures at Harvard and even taught a class at Tufts university.  He still lives in his old neighborhood and helps others turn their lives around.  He was a very interesting and passionate man.

Cassie and Kevin enjoyed it even thought they weren't thrilled to go.  Cassie said it was geared towards the younger teens, but still liked it.  Even though my photo of Andre didn't come out, I did get a good one of Cassie wearing her new boots from Christmas.  She just towers over me when she wears them.

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  1. She is so pretty! and skinny! and i am lovin those boots and her hair color! do i sound like i want to be her yet? lol