Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mar. 2 (Day 61) - On the Road

I was supposed to go pick up my old laptop and resized bracelet today at the mall but we discovered last night that we had about 3 partial rolls of toilet paper in the house.  So instead I went to Target.  I think I spent $120.00, but I have no idea how.


But then I decided I'd better go today anyway since Mark, the painter, is coming to give a quote tomorrow.  So, after the 1/2 hour drive to Dexter to drop off the volleyball players,  I went another 40 minutes to the mall.  Then I had to do it all backward to get them home.  I think I was in the car for 2 1/2 hours.

Good new, though.  Remember when I said the computer quote was first $185 and then $85.  Well Apple charged me $54.00.  So the screen now lights up and they replaced the whole keyboard and palm rest.  What a deal.

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  1. HAHA that is EXACTLY what happens to me at Target!!! That part of your post was cracking me up!