Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mar. 23 (Day 82) - Bomb Scare

Cassie texted me from school today.  I knew something was up since you are automatically suspended if a teacher sees or hears your phone.  They were under lockdown since a girl heard two other students talk about detonating a device between classes.  So the teachers and students all locked their classroom doors and covered all windows with black paper while the police checked everything. The teachers were told not to tell the students what was occurring, which I think made them even more nervous.  Cassie's room found out from one of the parent's texting their daughter.  They were in lockdown for about 75 minutes, but everything was okay.

For those that don't know our school district is unique in the country in that we have 3 high schools right next to each other.  The students take classes at all three just like a mini college campus with 6,000 students.  I guess they were talking about a bomb going off between Canton and Salem, possible under the little bridge.  Those are the two schools Cassie and Alana walk back and forth from during the day.

The funniest part of their lockdown story for me was to see all the fan pages the students created and joined on facebook tonight.  The best were:
- I survived a high school bomb threat
- Lockdowns are the bomb
- There's a bomb threat.  Why are we sitting here waiting to explode.

For me, nothing much really happened today.  Just one of those days I guess.  I did manage to take a picture of Alana and Sarah when I dropped them off at volleyball.  I will probably get a photo of the school to replace this one.  Because we know there will be more volleyball.


  1. Oh my frightening!! Glad it turned out to be nothing!

  2. That is so scary! I would have been crawling out of my skin texting back and forth with her! I'm glad it didn't end up being worse than a "threat"!

  3. How scary - I couldn't imagine my reaction if I had gotten that news from one of my kids! I have to love their sense of humor about the whole thing though - "There's a bomb threat. Why are we sitting here waiting to explode." was my favorite lol