Friday, March 5, 2010

Mar. 5 (Day 64) - Seriously Addicted

Right now Kevin and Paul are totally addicted to "Call of Duty 2."  After school and on weekends, you can always find them in the basement in the exact same position.  I keep thinking they will get bored with it but they haven't.

And after dropping off at volleyball, I managed to get to the shelter 5 minutes before they closed.  Guess what!  Lily was adopted yesterday, the same day she went on the floor.  Now we just need someone to take Mama Lotus.

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  1. LOL Nick loves those first person shooter games - he plays that on our Wii - I think it's that one. I don't know, to me if you've seen one you've seen them all - and I realize I just spoke blasphemy in the eyes of men everywhere lol Glad to hear Lily got adopted so quickly! Wish we lived there, we'd take the Mama kitty - we're wanting a second cat around now that my mom's cat is gone and ours has become hers somehow lol