Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mar. 9 (Day 68) - Scattered Day

We were all kinda all over the place today.  Cassie retook the ACT at school, but doesn't think she did as well as last time.  Alana (w/ Shannon) and Cassie (w/ Erica and Andrea) both went to see Valentine's day at different times with different people.  I took Bobbie to the airport.  She's headed to Arizona for a while.  I tried to get a photo but she was moving too fast and someone had been playing with my camera setting.  Okay, it was me.

Later, Kevin and I ended up being the only ones home at dinnertime and we decided to try out our ebelskiver pan.  I think he was a little disappointed because he hasn't found a filling he loves.  We were out of chocolate chips so we'll have to try that later.  I liked strawberry jam and Kevin said the fresh strawberries were good.  Cassie later tried strawberries and liked it too.

And lastly, I think I stubbed my toe on some uneven cement and it's starting to turn black and blue.  Go figure.


  1. Okay I had to google the ebelskiver pan to see what it was lol And now, I want one! Sounds yummy and fun to make! Is it hard? Sorry about your toe - sounds like something I would do.

  2. My aunt LOVES her ebelskiver pan! I like your chocolate chip idea, you need you get to the store!