Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mar. 28 (Day 87) - More sickness

Alana's cold got the better of her and she decided not to go to her volleyball tournament this morning.  So everybody slept in until about 10am.  Mark did take her later to cheer on her team in the semi-final and finals.  They lost the final match and ended up second place in the Gold (highest) bracket.

She came home and worked on her needlework for a textiles class.  She very much underestimated how long it would take.  I got a shot of the spot where she sat until 1:45am.  Unfortunately she had already put away her needlework and I didn't want to make her take it back out.  I'll have to get a picture after the teacher returns it.

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  1. Yeah, isn't it great when the plan doesn't quite work out :) Wow, 1:45 is REALLY late though!!