Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mar. 7 (Day 66) - Long, long day

I took Alana to Toledo for volleyball today.  We left at 9:30am and got home at 8:30pm.  The played two matches, won the first and lost the second.  They ended up in 20th out of 22 teams in their power league.  I think they have a little work to do.

I took my new camera lens (Canon 85mm f/1.8) to the games.  It does so much better with the bad lighting than my walk-around lens, but I still need to learn how you use the autofocus correctly.  Here's my best shot of the day.  With the setting it needs to use get the lighting it needs, you only have a little bit of the shot in photo so there's not a lot of room for error.

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  1. hi judy,
    with your canon you should be able to bump up the iso. canon's usually have very good noise reduction at high isos, much better than nikon. just remember to lower the iso when you finish because they do add noise to the pictures. talk to you later. laura