Friday, January 27, 2012

Another Night Out

It was definitely one of those jam-packed days. The electrician this morning, the humane society this afternoon, picking up Cassie in the evening, and dinner out with friends tonight.

Alana went to Ferris with the Fite's today and Cassie drove herself there tonight. I told Cassie to let me know when she got there, since it's a 3 hour drive, and she texted me, but her phone autocorrected to "I'm hurt" instead of "I'm here." Her next message said, "Hurt," and the final one said, "Here!" It caused me a little bit of heart failure.

Kevin also drove all over the place today, Canton->Dearborn->Wixom->Canton->Dearborn->Wixom, about 3 hours total. He's enjoying the freedom of having a license.

I took a few pictures of puppies at work and swans on the lake today in Ann Arbor, but nothing great. Luckily, after a really fun dinner with Sally and Debbie, I got a decent shot of the bar. I enjoy photographing bars. They usually have some really neat architectural or lighting features. This one had different sections lit up and the colors kept changing.
Another Bar on 365 Project

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