Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Beaumont Hospital and PetSmart Kittens

Today was a blur. But the highlight was the presentation Mark and I attended at Beaumont. I picked him up at the airport and he went straight there. We attended a Neurological demonstration. The doctors showed up the equipment used to perform a brain tumor biopsy, a disc fusion procedure, and object extraction from the nasal cavities. We then got to play with the equipment itself. I performed a biopsy and Mark was playing with the camera. The doctors had a lot of interesting things to say.

The things that stuck with me most from the whole experience were that the brain procedures were so delicate compared to the spinal procedures. It was almost like medieval medicine. They were using all the medal screws and devices used to shove rods into the body. It was a little scary. Also, it seemed like the equipment company reps (who have little medical education), are able to instruct the doctors on how to use the equipment and have a lot of say in the procedure. That was even scarier.

No cameras were allowed. I got a picture of Mark after it was over, but it is still on his camera.

After I got home, I went with Alana to PetSmart. She pretty much does all the work, but likes having someone go with her. One of the kittens was using the watering can as a drinking fountain.
Kitty Drinking Fountain on 365 Project
It's cagemate was also a thumb cat, as we like to call them. If you have not seen one before, they really look like little hands, or like they are wearing mittens.
Thumb Cat on 365 Project

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