Tuesday, January 10, 2012

One or Two, or Three or Four

Had my annual eye exam today. This picture sums it up; back to 20/20 on the left, slightly blurry on the right. And he did mention the dreaded B word - Bifocals. But since I don't wear my glasses much anyhow, he said I can wait.
The Phoropter on 365 Project

Alana stayed home sick with a slight fever, and I had to drive Kevin to school for one final. I had two hours to burn, so i did a little shopping and then drove around stopping to take photos. There is a lot to shoot in Dearborn. I stopped at partially frozen retention pond surrounded by grasses, a cemetery, a pretty neighborhood with awesome trees, and the Cherry Hill Presbyterian Church where I took this photo.
Doing It All Wrong, but Lucky on 365 Project
This is not a great photo technically. My setting are off leaving it grainy when enlarged. I've kept it so I can compare to later, better shots. Hopefully!

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