Monday, January 16, 2012

MLK Day = Kids Spoil my Cleaning Day

I normally clean and get my laundry done on Mondays. But with 3 teens in the house (Kevin went to school but Shannon never left), I think there was as much mess making and mess cleaning. Later on in the day, I found one of my converse missing laces. And it wasn't Lucy. Grrr!

I took another online FEMA class and picked Kevin up from school. I think he's down to 6 hours of driving left. The girls hung out and studied.

Later on Alana took Cassie back to school, but they had to come home again since she left her computer on the kitchen table. I took pity on Alana and took her back the second time. Cassie almost left her computer on the counter, but Alana called her back to get. When we got her back to the dorm, Cassie didn't have her card keys or i.d. She'd left them in Bessie (the Lexus). She's seems so overwhelmed with school right now. I am a little worried since it's only two weeks into the semester.

I didn't get any life shots today, but I did manage to get out in the back yard. Here are my hydrangeas that I never cut back.
Hydrangea Blooms on 365 Project

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