Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sexy and I'm Broken

White Men Can't Jump
Instead of the dog park, I got to take Kevin to urgent care today. Yesterday, he landed hard on it after jumping up for a basketball during a pickup game. So much for him driving to school. Now I need to make an appointment to see an orthopedic doctor for his broken wrist.

This is his arm in the middle of splinting. They added a cast piece underneath his arm and then wrapped the whole thing with ace bandages. Lovely!
Ouch! on 365 Project
On the positive side. They told Kevin they were talking about how he looked like a Ralph Lauren model. Just what I need for the guy who is always singing, "I'm Sexy and I know it!" At least he kept his sense of humor while we were there. He was goofing off as usual.
Sexy and I know It on 365 Project

Monday, January 30, 2012

Just another Laundry Day

Nothing much happened today, except laundry and grocery shopping. Kevin went to play basketball and fell on his wrist. We are hoping it is not broken.

I took some pictures while doing laundry trying to work on my understanding of white balance. Not very exciting, but here is the shot I got that looked natural. I didn't realize my shot was going to perfectly match my blog. :)
Laundry Scent Pearls on 365 Project

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Beating the Sun Home

Kevin and I had to turn around and go Wixom for another soccer game at 6:35am. We overslept but made it in time. They lost 2-0 to one of the best teams in the state. We made it home just as the sun was rising.
Sun after the Soccer Game on 365 Project

I knew it wouldn't last. It clouded up and I got this shot on the way home from Cassie's dorm this afternoon. Alana returned from Ferris and Mark made it home very late from Denver, delayed on both segments of his flight.
No more Sun on 365 Project

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Late Night Soccer

Kevin and Paul left for their Science Fair early and were home by 9:30am. They said it went well. Not a lot happened today, but Kevin did get a call asking him to play an indoor soccer game at 10:55pm. Of course, he said yes. They lost 6-4, but played great for a bunch of kids that just showed up from all different teams and didn't necessarily know each other.

I took my photo in the parking lot at High Velocity. The flag looked pretty at night. I wish I had a tripod so I could bring down the ISO a little
Moon before the Soccer Game on 365 Project

Friday, January 27, 2012

Another Night Out

It was definitely one of those jam-packed days. The electrician this morning, the humane society this afternoon, picking up Cassie in the evening, and dinner out with friends tonight.

Alana went to Ferris with the Fite's today and Cassie drove herself there tonight. I told Cassie to let me know when she got there, since it's a 3 hour drive, and she texted me, but her phone autocorrected to "I'm hurt" instead of "I'm here." Her next message said, "Hurt," and the final one said, "Here!" It caused me a little bit of heart failure.

Kevin also drove all over the place today, Canton->Dearborn->Wixom->Canton->Dearborn->Wixom, about 3 hours total. He's enjoying the freedom of having a license.

I took a few pictures of puppies at work and swans on the lake today in Ann Arbor, but nothing great. Luckily, after a really fun dinner with Sally and Debbie, I got a decent shot of the bar. I enjoy photographing bars. They usually have some really neat architectural or lighting features. This one had different sections lit up and the colors kept changing.
Another Bar on 365 Project

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Blahs

I think I'm starting to be affected by the lack of sunshine. It's just been so grey here lately. I didn't do much today beside get caught up on some reading and take a bubble bath. My shots of the bubbles were really boring but I liked this one of the faucet.
The Faucet on 365 Project

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


We went to a restaurant in Birmingham, Mi for a Chef's Table dinner. The chef prepared the meal in front of us and we learned about different olive oils and prosciuttos. This was a meeting for one of Mark's professional groups. They are a great group of people. I don't know them that well yet, but they are all very welcoming.

I took a lot of bad shots because of the lighting, but on the way out I used a pillar as a make-shift tripod and finally got a good shot. I cropped in on the curved ceiling above the bar which really looked cool.
Zazio Ceiling on 365 Project

Here is the full bar shot.
Zazio Full BAr on 365 Project

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

EMS at Home

I did not say in the last photo that I was passed by another ambulance on the way to school as well. An just now I went to get my book to read (it's 11:45pm) and noticed lights outside.

There is an ambulance and fire truck right outside. I don't have a tripod so i just rested my lens against my window. This is the best I could do. Once again, I hope everyone is okay. I can still hear the engine noise, so I know they are still out there.
IMG_3105 on 365 Project

EMS at the High School

An ambulance passed me on the way to pick up DS at the high school today. I took a picture of the fire truck, the ambulance is behind it.
Not a Pretty Sight on 365 Project

DS did not know why it was there, he thought maybe that someone had an asthma attack. I am really hoping everything is okay. There have been to many deaths at his small school in the last two years.

Tonight I went to my Barnes and Noble book club to discuss The Snowman by Jo Nesbo. I really like the group, but they really couldn't stay on topic today.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Alana is studying hard for her finals. They are the next three days. Kevin picked up his license at the Secretary of State office.
Studying on 365 Project

Sunday, January 22, 2012


After Kevin's soccer game, Mark and I headed down to the North American International Auto Show. I always like to see the concept cars. There were not that many but GM had a few. We also went downstairs where they had all these different cars running on electricity. There was an Escalade, some Malibus, three Volts, a Leaf, and a few others. It was eerie how quiet is was. We took a ride in one of the Volts. I am excited for when mine arrives.

Here is GM's concept car (to view large, click on the photo and then click on the magnifying glass right above the photo):
NAIAS on 365 Project

This is the En-V. No thank you; it looks like a Dead Mobile:
GM En-V on 365 Project

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Be-lated Holidays

It was a really busy Saturday. Kevin took his on-road driving test and passed! Our new couches arrived, and we had Mark's company holiday party. I didn't take many pictures today, but here's one of the dogs with the couch in the foreground.
Peekaboo on 365 Project

Friday, January 20, 2012

Back to Work

I dropped Kevin off with the soccer carpool and was able to work at the Humane Society today. It was really quiet with only a few adoptions, but a few good things happened. An owner came in with his 14 week old corgi/collie mix. This little puppy was amazing. He could sit, lay, crawl, roll over, superman, high five, and wait while surrounded by treats. I forgot to take his picture, but below are some of the other dogs that were there.

The only other exciting thing that happened was that I booked Alana's spring break cruise. It is Alana, Shannon, Laura and I. I'm pretty excited.

There were so many sweet dogs. There was a St. Bernard, five Beagles, a Basset Hound, and this sweet hound named Sky.
I Need Somebody to Love on 365 Project

In the puppy room, beside the usual Bullies there was this little Chihuahua who was just dancing around.
I'm So Excited on 365 Project

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Almost a Driver

Kevin has gotten so good at driving, I spent the whole 40 minutes on the way home trying to get some shots of him with everything blurred out the window.

He is taking his test on Saturday and will hopefully have his license by Monday.
Almost a Driver on 365 Project

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Beaumont Hospital and PetSmart Kittens

Today was a blur. But the highlight was the presentation Mark and I attended at Beaumont. I picked him up at the airport and he went straight there. We attended a Neurological demonstration. The doctors showed up the equipment used to perform a brain tumor biopsy, a disc fusion procedure, and object extraction from the nasal cavities. We then got to play with the equipment itself. I performed a biopsy and Mark was playing with the camera. The doctors had a lot of interesting things to say.

The things that stuck with me most from the whole experience were that the brain procedures were so delicate compared to the spinal procedures. It was almost like medieval medicine. They were using all the medal screws and devices used to shove rods into the body. It was a little scary. Also, it seemed like the equipment company reps (who have little medical education), are able to instruct the doctors on how to use the equipment and have a lot of say in the procedure. That was even scarier.

No cameras were allowed. I got a picture of Mark after it was over, but it is still on his camera.

After I got home, I went with Alana to PetSmart. She pretty much does all the work, but likes having someone go with her. One of the kittens was using the watering can as a drinking fountain.
Kitty Drinking Fountain on 365 Project
It's cagemate was also a thumb cat, as we like to call them. If you have not seen one before, they really look like little hands, or like they are wearing mittens.
Thumb Cat on 365 Project

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Harry Potter on my iBaby

I have spent the last couple months listening to the Harry Potter books on my Ipod. They help me fall to sleep at night and give me something to do when driving to pick up Kevin from school. I was in the car over two and half hours today. Kevin drove me to Ann Arbor to return Cassie's id and keys. We listened to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire the whole time. He also drove through the car wash for the first time, but I forgot to bring my camera.

Right now, I cannot imagine my life without my little blue iBaby.
Harry Potter on the Pod on 365 Project
I put a make-shift light box together and played with taking different shots. I am not satisfied with the results (had to correct a lot on the computer), but it is helping me to learn. I will probably come back to it another time to see if I improve.

Monday, January 16, 2012

MLK Day = Kids Spoil my Cleaning Day

I normally clean and get my laundry done on Mondays. But with 3 teens in the house (Kevin went to school but Shannon never left), I think there was as much mess making and mess cleaning. Later on in the day, I found one of my converse missing laces. And it wasn't Lucy. Grrr!

I took another online FEMA class and picked Kevin up from school. I think he's down to 6 hours of driving left. The girls hung out and studied.

Later on Alana took Cassie back to school, but they had to come home again since she left her computer on the kitchen table. I took pity on Alana and took her back the second time. Cassie almost left her computer on the counter, but Alana called her back to get. When we got her back to the dorm, Cassie didn't have her card keys or i.d. She'd left them in Bessie (the Lexus). She's seems so overwhelmed with school right now. I am a little worried since it's only two weeks into the semester.

I didn't get any life shots today, but I did manage to get out in the back yard. Here are my hydrangeas that I never cut back.
Hydrangea Blooms on 365 Project

Ann Arbor x 2

It was a busy day. Mark took Kevin to an early soccer game (lost 5-2). And I headed to Ann Arbor in the afternoon to attend a book discussion of Wuthering Heights. It was my first time with the group and I enjoyed it.

On my way home, I stopped at a little park along the Huron River because there are always at least 20 swans that hang out there. But it was so cold, my fingers were aching. I only managed 4 shots before I had to race back to the car. Luckily, I got this nice shot, but know swans. I needed a telephoto to get better shots of them.
Sunset on 365 Project

Mark, Alana, Shannon, and I then headed back to Ann Arbor to pick up Cassie. We had a nice dinner at Carson's and brought her home for the night, since none of them have class on MLK day.
Spent a lot of time trying to plan a cruise for Alana and Shannon for Spring Break. Of course, in the time it took Alana to find a friend to go (1 week), tickets have gone up $200 dollars. I think 5-7 days after New Years is the time to buy tickets and if you miss the window, you're SOL.

I didn't take any photos today. I thought about pulling out my camera late in the day, but I would just be taking the same shots as yesterday. So here is a shot of Lucy from yesterday.
Lucy on 365 Project

And just for you Laura, here's one with a nose.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Soccer and Dogs - all the usual

Alana stayed home sick again. Hope she's feeling better soon. I spent 3 1/2 hours taking boys to and from soccer today. I never got around to pulling out my camera until 11:40pm. The only thing I could think to take pictures of was the dogs. Here's Mark's favorite of Ollie. You can see where he rubbed his nose raw when he was in the kennel at Christmas. He probably just sat there with his nose through the cage trying to get extra love.
Ollie on 365 Project

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gray and Gloomy

It's the kind of day that makes you want to curl up by the fire with a book. I would rather it be snowing.

Luckily, there was enough to keep me busy today. Kevin finished midterms and I picked him up. This shot is of my rainy car windshield from the passenger seat. I've sat here an hour each day being chauffeured by Kevin. Ten more hours and he's ready to drive solo.
Dreary Day on 365 Project

Today I also attended my lunchtime book club. We had a great discussion of the book, Room, by Emma Donoghue. It is a novel written in the perspective of a five year old boy. I recommend reading it. If you struggle with the first few chapters because of the unusual perspective, just keep going. You will be glad you did.

In the evening, Kevin drove me to his first indoor soccer game. They lost 2-0, but it was a pretty even game.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

On your Marks, Get Set, Go!

I love myself as I am, but I'd really love a smaller me too. The only way I seem to lose weight is if I am competing with Mark. I hate to lose! Tonight is the weigh in for our little weight loss competition. May the best loser win.
On your Marks, Get Set, Go! on 365 Project
Besides that, I spent 4 hours today taking an online FEMA course, not very exciting.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

One or Two, or Three or Four

Had my annual eye exam today. This picture sums it up; back to 20/20 on the left, slightly blurry on the right. And he did mention the dreaded B word - Bifocals. But since I don't wear my glasses much anyhow, he said I can wait.
The Phoropter on 365 Project

Alana stayed home sick with a slight fever, and I had to drive Kevin to school for one final. I had two hours to burn, so i did a little shopping and then drove around stopping to take photos. There is a lot to shoot in Dearborn. I stopped at partially frozen retention pond surrounded by grasses, a cemetery, a pretty neighborhood with awesome trees, and the Cherry Hill Presbyterian Church where I took this photo.
Doing It All Wrong, but Lucky on 365 Project
This is not a great photo technically. My setting are off leaving it grainy when enlarged. I've kept it so I can compare to later, better shots. Hopefully!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Total Lack of Motivation

I didn't even start taking the tree down. About the only thing I got done today was making dinner and taking photos. I worked on the theme challenge of taking abstract photos of everyday items. I think I need a different lens for these. Mine had a hard time focusing and if I put it on manual my eyesight messes it up. Luckily, it's off to the eye doctor tomorrow morning.

Here are my best shots. It's pretty obvious what they are:
Around the House on 365 Project

Layers on 365 Project

And finally:
All Tangled Up on 365 Project

Sea Island Georgia

Here is the information for the 2013 Sea Island family vacation. Clicking on the maps will bring up a slightly bigger picture. I'll update this post from time to time, so you might want to bookmark it.

The location map:

The resort map: We are a little walk from the beach, probably 1/4 to 4/10th of a mile. I don't know why they don't have golf carts. They usually do. People suggest renting bikes and you can also drive.

The only satellite maps online that have the updated streets and resort are bing. Just search for Cottages Lane, Sea Island Georgia to find them. And don't use Bird's Eye, it just shows a whole in the ground, use Aerial.

The ER homes. We are in units 921 and 924

The houses are the same except 924(K,K,K,D/D) is the mirror image and has king beds in both downstairs rooms. These pictures show 921(K,K,D/D,D/D). Max occupancy=10, suggested=8. Here is their info on 921.

This spacious residence offers 3,700 interior square feet and sleeps eight very comfortably. There are two master suites, both with king beds. The third and fourth bedrooms each have two double beds.

Residence Features
Heated private pool
Screened outdoor dining porch with summer kitchen
Airy, two-story great room
Oversized gas fireplace in living area and gas fireplaces in master and junior master suites
Fully equipped gourmet kitchen with Viking appliances
High-speed wireless Internet access

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Challenge Failure

Nothing exciting happened today, just getting ready for the week. Alana goes back to school and Kevin has finals.

After dinner I tried to take pictures for the my 365 project. I was trying to create a cool double shadow similar to Edward Steichen's famous photo of Fred Astaire. Besides the painter's light we didn't have a single light bulb over 60 watts. So this was the best I could do. I will try again another day.
Shadows  on 365 Project

On the lighter side, we thought Ollie was injured today. He was under the table and wouldn't get up. We finally figured out that he had poop stuck in his fur and was emotionally distressed.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Michigan Theater

We dropped Alana off to see Cassie tonight and then went to see "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy" at the Michigan Theater. It is the only place I have ever been where there is an organist playing live before the show.

The Michigan Theater opened in January, 1929, during the age of the silent films, when live music was played to accompany the show.
Michigan Theater on 365 Project

Here is a photo inside the theater of the ceiling in the main auditorium. The gold leaf still sparkles. I had to laugh as the people next to us were staring at me so obviously, when I looked at them, the guy had to say "hi." It was pretty funny.
Looking Up on 365 Project

Friday, January 6, 2012


Friday is my day to volunteer at the Humane Society. It was pretty busy until the end of the day. I then pulled out my camera and got a chance to shoot a few pictures of Flower and other animals at the shelter.

Hooray, Mark and Alana are home.

Flower on 365 Project

Thursday, January 5, 2012


The last day before the skiers come home. Just another day of straightening and organizing. It seems that's what I do in January. Kevin now has under 15 hours of driving left before he gets his license. The big questions will be, whose car will have to sit out in the cold and snow this winter?

I played around taking photos tonight of the Christmas tree. I cannot decide which I like best, w in or out of focus. What do you think?

When I went to post last night, we had no internet again, so I had to post a day late and backdate it.

Reflection on 365 Project

Reflection in Focus on 365 Project

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Who is that Masked Feline?

It's Sugar! Or Sugar Booger, or Suges, or Boogie, or Boogs.

Who is that Masked Feline? on 365 Project

Got a lot done today. That makes up for the 45 minutes I spent out in the freezing cold trying to get a cool shot of my evergreen tree. They were all rubbish! And it was grumpy day at the habitat at PetSmart; two out of six cats hissed at me. What's up with that?

Update on Tahoe: they just hung out for the day. Shannon was up half the night on the Hurl-a-whirl. I think this is the trip that should never have been.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Loving Animals to Death

Hoarders think they love animals so much they need to have more and more. But in the end, they cause them pain and suffering. One such victim arrived at our home today. The Bagpiper: suffering chronic, incurable respiratory infections.

The Bagpiper has been hiding in a basket all day, putting his head down because he then thinks we cannot see him. I snapped a quick shot when he peered up to see if I had left.

Loving Animals to Death on 365 Project

I am glad to have a new friend in the house. Kevin is back in school and Cassie returned to Michigan today. I haven't heard from the skiers, so they much be having fun out in California.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Shutter Speed

Diving back into manual mode on my camera; I really need to go back to the basics.  Today, I played with the shutter speed while photographing a moving object.  I liked the blur patterns the fan blades created and was lucky that one had the pattern perfectly placed. This was the highlight of my day. Other than that, it was 7 loads of laundry and some cleaning.
Ceiling Fan on 365 Project

The Tahoe people are surviving, getting out early and heading to the top of the mountain. But down low, this is what they are dealing with. Definitely not the ideal ski vacation.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

365 Again ...

I've decided to try to start taking daily pictures again in order to improve my photography skills.  Laura is joining me this time.  I'll be posting my photos on 365project.org and taking part in their weekly photo challenges.  My first challenge was to take my camera off automatic.  My first manual photo in years:

The Tree on 365 Project

Other things happening today: Mark and Alana left for Lake Tahoe for 5 days of skiing. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of snow out there. Cassie is getting ready to return to Michigan and Kevin has been hanging out with Colin and Paul.