Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 15 - Got Milk? Not so much

Nope, Mama cat just doesn't have the milk she needs for this crew.  As you can see everyone still comes to the table, but they leave hungry.  I've kicked up the syringe feeding and everyone is getting back on track except poor little Kitten #6.  I realized that she wasn't moving around too much and by last night she was just limp.  We made an emergency vet visit this morning and she had 103 degree fever.  Everyone else is around 100.5.  I had to take her temperature this afternoon.  I thought I could get Alana, our future vet, to do it but no such luck.  She held the kittens for me while I wielded the thermometer.  All kitten now run in fear of me.  But seriously, it was harder than you'd think.  They were just so squirmy. 


  1. This picture is so cute, love seeing all their little ears while they are in the huddle!

  2. aww poor things! i can't even imagine what my pups would do if i tried to take their temperature. they would hate me forever. that is a great picture though =) i hope mama cat feels better soon.

  3. What a sweet photo! Sorry you had to take their temperature though! That couldn't be fun for anyone involved! Hope the kitties are doing better soon!