Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 18 - MLK Day

Yep, that means I didn't get much done today.  The kids were all home.  Kevin and I still had to get up early since he had an orthodontist appointment.  Kevin is the fifth in our family to get braces from Dr. Anderson, so I always joke that we bought him his boat.  Kevin chose the red and gold bands this visit.

This afternoon Alana had a get together.  Unfortunately, it didn't go quite as she planned because a few of the girls didn't come who said they would.   I think it was hard since a lot of their parents work.  Morgan and Stephanie were able to come and they still had a great time.

The blog is slowly getting better.  I gave up on photobucket.  It kept saying my file was not there, but I know it was, so I uploaded to Imagehost.  Now I just need to add some more elements to my header, a few other gadgets, and I'm waiting for Cassie to create a cute cat drawing for me.


  1. I would definitely say you bought the orthodontist his boat! lol Wonder why PhotoBucket is giving you such a hard time - I use it for my blogs. Oh well, as long as you got you stuff uploaded somewhere!