Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 20 - Things just keep getting better - NOT

If I make it away for this trip without a major disaster it will be a miracle.

On the way home today I got distracted when a light on my dash that looks like an engine block turned on.  I kept looking at it while driving, trying to figure out what it meant.  Then I looked up and saw the green arrow turning red.  I decided to just go rather than slam on the brakes and yep, a cop was waiting for the light to change to come through it.  I swear in my first 25 years of having a license, I got just 1 ticket.  Now in the 6 months, I've gotten 2 more.  At this rate I'll need to hire a driver soon!

I want to at least have one happy picture today, so here is Cassie with the Valentine's pillows and blanket I got from Target last week.  Everyone who walked in the door said, "What's with the pink pillows?"  They don't seem to mind so much now.


  1. awe man, that really sucks about the ticket! i always do that too cause i always think it is more dangerous to slam on the brakes. love that blanket and pillow though. maybe you should put them in the car for good luck! hehe

  2. Tickets are no fun! I keep waiting for my day - there's been at least 3 times I should have gotten one, but didn't. Though I was getting pulled over a lot last month because the cops couldn't see our temporary registration. Love that blanket and pillow - looks so cozy!