Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 7 - Snow Much Work

Tanya called it the Kitten Palace, but I call it the Mini-Mansion. :)

It snowed all day today from 11:00am on. The house looks so pretty but with such a long driveway it takes quite a bit to clear the snow even with a snowblower. My niece Melicce came over in the evening and she and Alana helped a little. I bet Melicce is one of the few people from Phoenix that can say they've used a snowblower. We played card games and had a lot of fun. Too bad she has to leave in the morning.

The kids performed their Snow Day ritual, backwards and inside out jammies, ice cubes flushed down the toilet, and white crayons on the window sills).


  1. OMG! i LOVE it!!! it is everything i imagine when i think of the perfect house! The huge windows, the long driveway, the perfect snow and just look at that freakin cute mailbox!! it is all perfect. i can even picture you freezin your patootie off out there to get the picture! lol, and it really is a great picture! love it =)

  2. Beautiful home Judy and wow, that's some snow!!