Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 29 - Full Moon

Ollie was still limping today so I took him to the vet.  It took a while for them to check him out and see that he has a bad toe.  It isn't jammed, but it might be broken.  So the story here is either that the kittens broke his toe or that I paid the vet $100 for Ollie's stubbed toe.  They did a laser treatment which will relieve pain and help it heal faster and they also gave me pain pills for him.  I'm so glad it's not anything more serious.

On the way home from dropping Alana off at volleyball the moon was just rising and really beautiful.  Of course, by the time I got home and remembered to take my camera out, it was pitch black.  I loved the way it looked over the neighbors' house with the smoke from their chimney.

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