Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 30 - Freakish glow in the dark, cross-eyed puppy

I swear Ollie isn't cross-eyed and his fur doesn't glow.  This is definitely not my finest picture, but he looked so cute eating his cheese snack (with hidden pain killer pill).  He's starting to use his paw a little more, but he's still limping.  Hopefully he'll keep getting better quickly.

I managed to make a big enough stink that everyone cleaned their rooms and bathrooms today.  Besides that the girls went to a fund-raiser for their friends cousin who has autism and Kevin had a basketball game.  They lost by 9 to the leading team in our division.  They played really hard and it was a great game to watch.  I remembered to take the camera, but forgot to use it.


  1. aww what a sweet little face!! we always have to hide the medicine in treats too. although my Roxy dog will eat the pill as is because she thinks it is food. that dog will literally eat ANYTHING!

  2. I love that photo! He looks so cute!