Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 10 - Technical Difficulties Already

Are you kidding me! Did I really leave the memory card plugged into the computer at home. Grrr, I hate when I do that. The Blue Thunder basketball team won by 18 points (2-2 for the season). It was fun to watch and Glen Piot had a really great game. Kevin played some and got 2 points, but sat a lot with his sprained ankle. I had planned to take a picture at the game, but no such luck.

On the home front, Mark left for Lake Tahoe for 4 days of skiing before 5am this morning. So me and the teens just kicked back today, did some general clean up and played Alana's new Christmas game, Qwerkle.


  1. oh man, i have totally done that before! it is so frustrating!! but it did give you a picture for today =)