Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 25 - Home Sweet Home

We left for the airport at 5am.  Thank goodness for the hotel near the airport or it would have been 3:50am. The ride home was much smoother.  The kids, kittens, and Ollie all survived.  The girls have been studying for midterms that start tomorrow.  I hope it will go smoothly.

I don't get credit for todays picture.  Kevin K. emailed Mark that his car made the front page of the Arizona Republic.  The picture was taken right after Mark won the car.  I don't even know why you use the word "won" at an action, because believe me, it wasn't free.

Photo credit:  David Wallace and the Arizona Republic.


  1. So cool! We were watching this on T.V. when we were at my in-laws for my father in law's birthday! Didn't see this car, though it would have been cool because then I could have said "hey! I know that guy's wife!" lol Very cool car!

  2. Yeah, "won" is a pretty relative term, huh Judy?!?