Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 21 - Hello Phoenix, no it's Albuquerque, no wait Phoenix

Well we managed to make it off today for our trip.  I didn't even start packing until about an hour before we left but managed okay.  It's been so stressful getting ready I decided to take a happy picture of me at the airport.  I was so glad to just be on the way.

Well, the happiness didn't last as long as I hoped.  The terrible storms in the west had reached Phoenix and the airport was closed. I'm a nervous flyer and it got really bumpy when we got close to Phoenix.  They made us circle for 45 minutes (bumping around the whole time) and then headed us to Albuquerque.  We giggled our way there and spent 30 minutes on the plane before they decided we could get off to stretch and get some food.  An hour later we got back on to giggle our way back.  Mark's brother, Kevin was giving us updates the whole time since he was hooked in listening to Phoenix air traffic control and checking the radar.  I really loved hearing about the wind shears at the airport and tornado warning as we're taking off to head back.  I finally told Mark, I just didn't want to know about it.  We were able to land safely and after a long time got our luggage and rental car.  By the time we drove the hour plus to Bobbie's house, which included two stops while they cleared sand and debri off the road, it was 3:15am Detroit time.  I wish Mark had listened to me and we had just grabbed a hotel by the airport.

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